SquareScale is an on-demand solution enabling autonomous delivery of production- ready Cloud Native infrastructures and microservices applications in a couple of clicks and within minutes in any public, hybrid, private Cloud environment.

Get setup in Minutes.

Fully secured getting started Cloud Native for non experts.
Major time saving for seasoned IT Ops.
Combining the freedom and power of a CaaS with the simplicity of a PaaS, developers and IT Ops can now set up and deploy a production-ready, dedicated infrastructure within a fully secured environment in a couple of clicks and within minutes.

Drop deployment costs to zero.

Instant deployments / redeployments and immediate time to market of production-ready {infrastructure + technical stack + configuration + application} on any Cloud (IaaS, hybrid or private) and any geography in minutes.

Transition your legacy to Cloud Native.

Transitioning your legacy to Cloud Native / microservices, STARTING NOW!
Schedule anything in full isolation : containers, Java, binaries (isolated or not), Qemu VMs...

Curious about Squarescale?

The Highest Level of Automation .

Deploy anything, anywhere, in multi-datacenter environments, from infrastructure to applications, from networks to technical stack, in minutes and one click.

Multi-Cloud support.

Instant deployment of new dedicated infrastructures on any Public IaaS providers and any Private Cloud (VMWare, Openstack, …)

Dedicated / Platform License only.

Large Scale ready.

Instant Scale (density, vertical, horizontal. Battle tested stack scales up to 10K nodes.

Fully configured DevOps stack.

Dedicated unified virtual networking, Service Discovery, Service Mesh, modern Proxies…

Kubernetes compatible.

Compatible with any Cloud Native application running on Kubernetes

Schedule anything in full isolation.

Containers (Windows and Linux Docker, Rkt, LXC), Java, binaries, Qemu VMs …

Coming Soon

High-Availability by default.

Every aspect of your production is clustered and redundant over clouds and networks.

Workflow Integration.

Your workflow, your way. Full integration with your tools (Jenkins, GitLab, Travis, Circle…).

Freedom of technical stack.

We are tech agnostic.

Seamless deployments.

Seamless environment generation for tests, staging, preproduction or new near-to-customers prod.

Zero Downtime Deployment.

Canary or blue-green deployments, automatic security updates, application upgrade, jobs/services up/down scale, nodes addition/removal.

Online or On Premises access?

Depending on your needs, you can access SquareScale online or through a fully secured On Premises solution.

  • Regular online SaaS for on the shelf use cases,
  • Local deployment within your datacenter for hybrid / private clouds,
  • In both cases with direct CLI or a convenient user interface.

Compare Plans

Professional Dedicated Platform Licence
Horizontal scale limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
HA Yes Yes Yes
Maintenance - Updates - Backups Yes Yes No
Deploy projects using custom keys No No Yes
Dedicated Hashistack servers Optional Yes Yes
Bring your own network No Yes Yes
Openstack support Yes (Public) Yes Yes
VMWare support No Yes Yes
Support all IaaS providers Yes Yes Yes
Hybrid Cloud support (add nodes from any cloud) No Yes Yes
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