Security focused infrastructures.

Recent events have shown the world that connectivity is at the heart of the economy.But it comes at a price.

Companies that will strive will be those which can scale, react rapidly to events, deliver very fast, all that with security in mind.

Your dedicated highly-secure and highly-scalable infrastructure in one click.

Choose your security profile, ranging from basic security to HDS or PCI DSS.

Multi-Cloud, multi-geography, multi OS, multi architecture, multi-OS.

Integrate smoothly your legacy into cutting-edge infrastructures.

A platform made to ease developers’ life for building Cloud Native and secure apps.

Thoroughly control the cost of your infrastructure, change IAS provider at anytime if needed.

We make developers’ life easier.

100% of infrastructure deployment automated at 100%.

SquareScale makes the best architecture choices for you

Debugging help provided to facilitate micro services

Integration with the best tools

Security components made available instantly

Deploy a dev environment which is a clone of production, instantly

Integrate legacy into Cloud Native infrastructures.

SquareScale can schedule any type of workload: containers, binaries, Java, VMs, ...


Multi Cloud: run you infra and apps on any IaaS provider, migrate smoothly at anytime.

Ready-to-use Service Mesh so you can easily describe connection rules between your services.

Heteregeneous cluster: schedule Linux workloads, as well as Windows or MacOS

Multi-architecture cluster: you can easily have clusters nodes running X86 or ARM processors at the same time.

Multi Geographie: all geographies supported, migraine elsewhere anytime.

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Why is SquareScale different?

Migrate or clone your infrastructure to any Cloud provider, anytime, anywhere.

PCI DSS, HDS; GDPR compliance made easier.

Legacy integration made easy.

Your own dedicated Cloud Native infrastructure: SquareScale automates everything

The simplicity of a PaaS, but with your own infrastructure.

The security of a bunker infrastructure for every software team.


Make migration and maintenance easy with Batch & Cron feature



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