Cloud Native. Faster.

Deploy your software applications into your own dedicated scalable infrastructure without needing any sysadmin skills.

How it works

Why spend money and time on your infrastructure when you can get yours in minutes?

All Inclusive.

You don't need more to go into production!

▸ Dedicated infrastructure
▸ Orchestrator, DevOps Tools
▸ Development pipeline, CI, CD

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The most exciting technologies in one place.

Your microservices container-based app.

You don't know how to deploy, configure and maintain a container orchestrator?
Create a project and just push your microservices, container based app.

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Your infrastructure is not a constraint anymore.

You have more clients and you need more power?
Just add some servers with a click.

It's that simple.

Save Time. Save Money.

Only a few minutes are necessary to power up your infrastructure. Everything is automated. Click once, grab a coffee, your production environment is ready!

No ops? No problem.

You don't have people to manage your infrastructure? Everything is automated, even security fixes. Because, what matters most to us, is your app’s availability at all times.

Prepare your future.

From day one, you start with the best technologies. Be confident about your application when you have success. You already have a reliable platform to convince investors? Now you can be available for many users.

Why choose Squarescale?

Logo Squarescale Heroku Professional
with dedicated resources (performance dyno).
Heroku Enterprise
with private spaces.
CoreOS Tectonic
Dedicated and Scalable cluster
Infrastructure is provided.

Workers are provided but not the network.

Workers and the network are provided, but not as a cluster.

Infrastructure is not provided.
Built in container orchestration
Service Discovery
Database as a Service

Pay as you go
Enterprise licences billed annually and private space addon.

Pricing is annually/node.

Have a glimpse of the simplicity.

Get ready for continuous deployment! Create your account via Github so you can start to make deployment part of your development cycle.

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