Security focused infrastructures

Recent worldwide events have demonstrated that all economical areas crucially rely on connectivity. But this comes at a price.

Companies that will succeed and take or settle their leadership positions will be those which can scale, quickly react to events, deliver very fast, all that with security in mind.

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Certification compliance made easy

With SquareScale certified security profile system, generating the infrastructure security reports which are necessary for your certification process is just a click away in our WebApp.

Powerful API

The HTTP RESTFUL API exposed by SquareScale allows any type of client to be used within your workflow whether manual or automated.

Already available in the SquareScale platform are:

  • A complete and ergonomic Web UI
  • A full featured CLI available on most commonly used platforms
  • A Terraform provider which allows to quickly integrate SquareScale inside your existing scenarios
  • A set of SDKs targetting the major programming languages: Golang, Rust, Python, NodeJS

Ergonomic Web Interface

If you need to test your setup quickly or build a one time infrastructure, SquareScale provides you with an easy to understand, globally accessible and comprehensive Web UI.

Intuitive CLI

If you prefer typing commands interactively or shell scripting over UIs, the CLI is the way to go.
This is a quick and easy way to get what you need from SquareScale.
The online and CLI self-contained documentation ensure a smooth and straightforward journey to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Terraform provider

The Terraform provider allows you to use HashiCorp's Terraform powerfull declarative DSL to describe your infrastructure and running application(s).
It is probably the best way to integrate SquareScale into your existing CI/CD workflows.

SDKs for most major programming languages

If you are more into programming, SquareScale provides the necessary libraries for many languages allowing your applications to interact with your SquareScale infrastructure.
This already includes Golang, Rust, Python and NodeJS but the list is constantly evolving.

Let’s create something great together


Many providers, single way to do it.

makes developers’
life easier

100% of infrastructure deployment automated at 100%.

CI/CD integration made easy.

Application debugging helpers provided out‑of‑the‑box.

Security components made available instantly.

Clone your production and deploy a development environment instantly.


Your dedicated highly-secure and highly-scalable infrastructure in one click


Choose your security profile, ranging from basic security to SecNumCloud, HDS or PCI DSS.


Multi-Cloud, multi-geography, multi-OS, multi-architecture.


A platform build to make developers’ life easy for building Cloud Native and secure apps.


Integrate smoothly your legacy into cutting-edge infrastructures.


Thoroughly control the cost of your infrastructure, change IaaS provider at any time if needed.

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Bring your own IaaS credentials

Add several credentials from different IaaS providers. Define groups & users rights to projects and actions. You can also use SquareScale without providing IaaS credentials, in which case you get only one single invoice even if you use many IaaS providers.

Let’s create something great together


SquareScale can schedule any type of workload: containers, binaries, Java, VMs, …


Ready-to-use Service Mesh allowing you to easily describe connection rules between your services.


Heteregeneous cluster: schedule Linux workloads, as well as Windows or MacOS.


Multi-architecture cluster: you can easily use X86 based cluster nodes but also ARM processor based nodes in the same infrastructure.


Multi-Cloud: run you infra and apps on any IaaS provider, migrate smoothly at anytime.


Multi-Geography: all geographies supported, migrate infrastructure anywhere whenever needed with only a few clicks.

Why is SquareScale


Your own dedicated Cloud Native infrastructure: SquareScale automates everything.


SecNumCloud, PCI DSS, HDS, GDPR compliance made easier.


The security of a bunker infrastructure for every software team.


The simplicity of a PaaS, but with your own infrastructure.


Migrate or clone your infrastructure to any Cloud provider, anytime, anywhere.


Legacy integration made easy.

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