Your Cloud Native Infrastructure as a Service

From Development Workflow to Production

On the fly isolated environments

Run your application in multiple environments and provision disposable environments for your Pull Requests

Your workflow in one place

All your external tools - git, chat, continuous integration - linked together in a powerful workflow

Dedicated and scalable

Easily size your cluster: your infrastructure is automatically provisionned

Reliability by Default

  • Don't do anything, you already have a cluster
  • Every container is run on each node by default

Illustration reliability

Microservices and Serverless Ready

  • Launch as many containers as your app needs (all you can eat)
  • Smooth serverless integration (Coming Q2 2017)

Illustration microservices

Integrated Workflow

  • Automatic Github to Travis CI (Zero conf)
  • Built-in Slack notifications

Illustration workflow

Multiple environments available

  • Deploy your staging, pre-production, production environments from one configuration
  • Run dedicated on the fly environments for each pull request

Illustration env

Scale like Google

  • Easy access to cutting edge container technology
  • Instantaneously grow you container fleet

Illustration scale

Zero-downtime deployment

  • Automatic blue/green deployment
  • Dynamic load-balancing and failover

Illustration zero