SquareScale gives your application the powerful and flexible infrastructure it deserves.

All of these features are now at your fingertips.

Get set up in minutes

We provision your infrastructure in minutes, you can focus on developing your application, we’ll take care of the rest

Scale seamlessly

Scaling up has never been easier, we’ve put it at your finger tips, and it happens instantly.

Out of the box pipeline

Just add your github repository, everything else works automagically. You’ll have a fully configured CI/CD pipeline.

Parallel deployment

Your system has no downtime at all, new services are deployed in parallel to your existing services.

Configured Orchestrator

Enables you to have complete control and visibility over your setup.

Your own cluster

Your application deserves it’s own cluster, you will not be sharing any resources with anyone else.

Easy to use CLI

If you prefer to use the Command Line Interface, no problem! You have the flexibility to control all your services, with your own tools, in your own pipeline.

All your logs in one place

Logs from all your services are aggregated, and easily accessible.


With SquareScale you have a fully configured orchestrator at the heart of your application. As the name suggests it allows you to orchestrate your entire system by giving you complete visibility and control, across all of your various services. Making sure you have no downtime, and a smooth infrastructure.

Customisable pipeline

Already have a pipeline? SquareScale integrates seamlessly. We provide webhooks that notify you of all state changes to your services.

Keep your apps up to date

Any changes you push to your repository are automatically built and deployed in production.

Service Discovery

We provide a service discovery layer that makes sure all your services can find each other and communicate at all times.

Private Network

Your services are all in a private network, they can communicate directly, and no longer need to communicate over the internet.

Load Balancer

Select the service you want to load balance, and you’re ready to go.

Container Registry

Each of your services has it’s own private registry.

Next Features

Blockchain-based decentralized SLA monitoring

First service provider introducing a blockchain based decentralized SLA monitoring allowing for compensation management through smart contracts.

Distributed cloud

Step by step, we’re headed towards additional datacenters and cloud providers.

Love tech? Have a look under the hood.

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