Secure Cloud Infrastructures 
made easy

SquareScale is the first infrastructure orchestrator which can deploy/manage ready-for-production infrastructures in minutes, with a focus on security.

Setting up a Cloud Native cluster with a full DevOps stack is a difficult job. Taking care of security constraints is much more demanding. SquareScale gets the job done for you.

Your secure dedicated Cloud Native Infrastructure.

Security at the core.

Turnkey advanced security features like secrets management, automatic credentials rotations, ciphering, ...

GDPR compliance made easy.

Tune your security profile to your needs.

Security profiles ranging from basic security to PCI DSS / HDS compliance.

Help developers deal with security concerns.

Dealing with security is a full-time job, and needs expertise. SquareScale provides a fully-configured infrastructure and tools so developers can focus on developing features.

TLS encryption everywhere between services

Encrypted Environment variables

Turnkey integrated Vault to store credentials safely

Never store cleartext passwords.

API providing application-level security tools

Whichever the IaaS provider(s) you choose, SquareScale never has access to your credentials. A token is generated with your credentials and safely stored into your vault.

Store your credentials 


The best choices made for you to focus on building great apps.

Developers are under pressure to meet deadlines. They hardly have time and resources to invest in security, despite its extreme importance.


To avoid developers to set up architectures the wrong way, let SquareScale do the job for you.

Define the security profile your infrastructure really needs.

In today connected world, security is an unavoidable topic to be dealth with. But each application is specific. Most startups don’t need to comply with high demanding certification standards, but still needs to take care of security. SquareScale allows you to define the security profile fitting most with your constraints, ranging from basic security to PCI DSS infrastructures.


Profiles can also be fine-tuned for your specific case.

Security profiles.

Turnkey security profiles with no heavy process for companies with no certifications constraints.

Basic Security


French certification required for companies dealing with healthcare data.


Certification required for companies storing payment cards data.

 European regulation providing strong requirements when storing personal data.


Compare security profiles.

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