The most exciting cloud native technologies in one place.

We use the best cutting-edge technologies to offer you a ready-to-use, self-driving Cloud Native infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services

The leading provider of on-demand cloud computing infrastructure services. The initial version SquareScale supports AWS to provide fast and private infrastructures on demand, with scalable resources always available.


This complete, lightweight and powerful open-source operating system is optimized for the whole container ecosystem. It's built for modern scalable clusters.


It is a robust application container engine implementing the open and standard App Container (appc) spec. While it can also execute Docker images, it runs without a central daemon, in an isolated environment. We use rkt for all SquareScale internal services.


The popular container application solution to build and run modern apps, that SquareScale uses to fulfill all customers needs.


Everything you ever wanted to know about SquareScale can be found in the FAQ section here. You can also ask any missing question. Our engineers will be glad to help you.



Our SDN (Software Defined Networking) solution is the open-source flannel. All the services are running inside an isolated virtual network, always routable wherever it's running on the cluster.Inter-service communication are fast and easy.


With Terraform we create for you a full, predicatable, production-ready infrastructure that is configured in minutes. It scales up and down at will. All the complex infrastructure-as-a-service knowledge and experience in a single click.


Zero-downtime and safe deployments of services and applications made easy and fully transparent. It also detects infrastructure failures and reschedule services accordindly. Your application simply scales, your way.


A distributed key/value store by Hashicorp that allows simple DNS Service Discovery, multi-datacenter solution, as well as live application reconfiguration, for our customers.


Etcd is a distributed key/value store by CoreOS, useful as an internal service discovery, backend storage system, distributed lock, solution for leader elections ... It allows SquareScale to scale and reconfigure itself live.