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Looking for a Kubernetes alternative?

Kubernetes is often described as too complex, with a steep learning curve and even sometime overkill? Let’s deploy your Nomad-based Cloud Native infrastructure with SquareScale

* SquareScale has absolutely no strong relationship/partnership, with HashiCorp, the company behind Nomad. We just find their technology very mature, fit for our/your needs and very easy to use and learn.


Too complex

Kubernetes is very complex to manage and configure, even when relying on managed K8s offers like EKS (AWS), GKE (GCP), AKS (Azure) or others. Nomad is the perfect choice for small companies who want to go Cloud Native without the Kubernetes nightmare.

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Unix philosophy

Nomad is a small footprint binary that does only one thing, but does it very well: scheduling workloads.


Large scale ready

Nomad has demonstrated very large scale capabilities running 2 million Docker containers on 6100 hosts in 10 AWS regions in 22 minutes, where Kubernetes overhead and complexity limits its performance.

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Easier to secure

As SquareScale focuses on automating the delivery of highly-secure infrastructures, Nomad was the obvious choice because limiting the attack surface and the complexity of each component is a good practice when dealing with security.


Quite easier to certify

SquareScale is the only platform to provide certifiable infrastructures complying with standards such as PCI DSS, HDS, SecNumCloud… SquareScale also automates the generation of certification materials. By choosing Nomad, we have significantly reduced the complexity and the cost of doing this.


Schedule everything

Nomad can schedule everything, not only containers: binaries, Java workloads, GPU workloads, VMs, reactive systems for PLC automation, … This allows teams to smoothly integrate legacy systems into modern Cloud Native infrastructures.


When creating your infrastructure, just select whether you want a Consul and/or a Vault cluster. That’s all. You then have an infrastructure with everything fully configured and TLS encrypted.

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The best service mesh tool installed*

*available at the end of the year

As part of the services we want to provide, is the application service mesh solution included in Consul : Consul Connect.
It will allow you to fine tune how your different applicative components are allowed to communicate with each other.

Add any HA database to your infrastructure

Attach all managed databases available from the selected IaaS provider to your cluster. SquareScale makes sure all is perfectly configured and secured. If needed, opt for a HA database. If you use IaaS provider without managed databases, SquareScale can configure a non-managed one.

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Ceph, block devices, NFS

We now that Databases and object storage are not always the best solutions when it comes to store presistent and/or distributed content, so we provide you with three solutions for your data-storage needs.

A fast and performant attached solution that you can connect to your application seamlessly: Block storage

A solution which is distributed by design for your application: NFS

And the best of both world, a managed Ceph cluster.

Make migration & maintenance easy using Batch & Cron jobs features

Whether you need to bootstrap and/or migrate your database or perform any system maintenance action, you can run any workload once (Batch) or at a defined frequency (Cron), all this very simply.

Edge Computing

Embedded devices fleet can be part of your cluster

Heterogeneous cluster: IoT, VMs, Baremetal, Linux, Windows, Mac, …

Security management of your devices

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